PIR motion sensor MB011, surface mount

 PIR motion sensor MB011, surface mount
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PIR motion sensor MB011 , surface mount

item-number: 494428


L x W x H
 494428360°3-2000 lux10s do 15 minIP 20Ø88 × 42 mm
surface mountet
These devices are primarily recommended for automatic ON/ OFF switching of larger indoor rooms. Due to its 360° sensing angle, one sensor mounted onto the ceiling ensures detection in a circle of 6 m radius on the floor. Time delay and switching threshold of environmental lighting are continuously adjustable.
Rated switchable power:
1.000 W
800 W
300 W
300 W
Tehnical data:

Rated voltage:

220-240 V AC

 Power consumption:

0,45 W

 Motion speed sensitivity:

  0,6… 1,5 m/s

 Detection range:


 Time delay:

  10s – 7 min (adjustable)

 Detection distance:

  6 m (adjustable)

 Ambient light:

  3– 2000 lux (adjustable)

 Operation temperature:

  -20°C - +40 °C

 Mounting height:

2,2-4,0 m

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IR motion sensors
IR sensor consists of infrared sensor sensitivity and electronic switches with low-consumption, which helps to fit electrical appliances (npr.rasvjetno body in various venues) in the industry, residential and commercial buildings. If the sensor area living being, integrates seamlessly connected load (nrp.reflektor). It can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically according to the user's needs and achieve the sensing area.
There is a relation between the motion and sensitivity, as shown on the enclosed drawings. Depending on the ambient illumination can be changed mode from day to night.
The sensors are not suitable for switching fluorescent tubes with compensation or lighting with fluorescent tubes kompakntim.
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